“Sparkles A. Clown”
Award Winning
Face Painter & Balloon Artist

In April 2011, “Sparkles A. Clown” won First Place for Full Face Painting at the 2011 Clowns of America International Convention at Disneyland with an impromptu “Tribal Tiger” design.  Sparkles also won First Place for Best Cheek Art Design at the same convention.

Earlier in March 2011, Sparkles A. Clown was honored by being named “Best Kid’s Face Painter” and photographed and interviewed by “Honolulu Magazine” for a spread in their “Best of Honolulu” issue.

At the 2008 Clown Vegas Convention in Las Vegas, Sparkles won First Place for Small Design Face Painting.

Sparkles first attempt at a face painting competition, won her First Place for Full Face Painting at the 2006 Clowns of America International Convention in New Orleans.

“Sparkles A. Clown” named 2011 Best Kid’s Face Painter 
by Honolulu Magazine/
Best of Honolulu

“Best of Honolulu” Honolulu Magazine

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Kids' Face Painter

Mary Ann Changg, aka Sparkles A. Clown has done hair and makeup for TV (Off the Map, LOST), film (Battleship) and theater (The Lion King), and she’s also talented at face painting. Just a few months after she started painting in 2006, Changg won first place in a face-painting competition at the annual Clowns of America International Convention. Since then, Changg, as Sparkles A. Clown, has spent her weekends at baby birthday parties and other events. “I always have adults in my lines,” laughs Changg. “They have no shame.” Butterflies are the most popular designs with little girls, she says, while boys prefer Spiderman, Batman and tribal art. Regardless of which design you choose, it’s guaranteed to sparkle. “I picked the name Sparkles because I love glitter,” she says. 955-2188, sparklesaclown.com.

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