Face Painting & Balloons 
  Hawaii’s Clowns of Aloha’s “Sparkles A. Clown”
“Sparkles” also does Glitter Tattoos,
Mehndi and Tribal Henna Designs 
for parties and Conventions.

“I Love Face Painting!

I Love ‘Sparkles’ & Glitter!

I Love Painting Beautiful Faces!”

--- “Sparkles A. Clown”

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“Sparkles A. Clown”
Face Painting for All Occasions!

    At the ClownVegas.Com Convention in January 2008, in Las Vegas, “Sparkles” won First Place for Small Design Face Painting and Second Place for Full Face Design.  In March 2006, “Sparkles” won First Place for Full Face Painting at the Clowns of America International Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana.

“Sparkles,” a.k.a. Mary Ann, Make Up/Hair artist for film & TV of IATSE 665, has worked on “Lost,” “Pearl Harbor,” Disney’s “Lion King” Cheetah Tour, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” “Fifty First Dates,”  “ER,” “Baywatch Hawaii,” “North Shore,” “Soul Surfer,” and “Battleship.”

Even really big “kids” love face painting.  At every event, adults line up too, hoping to get a chance to sit for a face.  Sometimes they succeed!

    “Sparkles,” a.k.a. Mary Ann, has worked on the pilot, first and second season of the

hit TV series, “Lost,” in Make Up and Hair, under Department Head and SFX artiste,

Steve LaPorte, a former Ringling Brothers Clown!

Weddings  •  Anniversaries

Conventions & Trade Shows
Birthdays & Baby Luaus
Special & CorporateEvents

Clifton Oliver, who played “Simba,” in “Lion King,” was painted as a Golden Egyptian God by “Sparkles,” for Halloween 2007.

Diamond Curvy, who played one of the Young Nalas, in “Lion King,” got a beautiful, simple butterfly to match her Halloween costume.

“Sparkles A. Clown’s” alter ego is Mary Ann, a well respected Photographer and Make Up Artist for Film,  Television, and Stage.  From September to December of 2007, she worked as a Make Up Artist for the Cheetah Tour of Disney’s, “The Lion King.”

“Sparkles A. Clown”     
Face Painter & Balloon Artist (808) 955-2188

Award Winning Face Painter

“Sparkles A. Clown,”  a member of “Clowns of Aloha” and “Clowns of America International,” is a pop- 
ular and talented Face Painter and Balloon Artist, spreading fun and Aloha in her home state of Hawaii.


Face Painting Classes Call (808) 955-2188
Beginners  •  Three to Five Minute Faces  •  Tribal  •  Split & ©”Bullseye” Cake Classes

IF YOUR COMPUTER IS HAVING TROUBLE UPLOADING “SPARKLES’s” SITE, VIEW VIDEO SLIDESHOWS AT  www.youtube.com/user/sparklesAclown OR CLICK ON:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fSmg59KvWI




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